Ancol Ergo Massage Pad

The Ancol Ergo Massage Pad is the perfect tool for giving your furry friend a relaxing massage while grooming their coat. Made with soft rubber fingers, this pad effectively massages your dog’s skin and coat to promote circulation and a healthy coat.

Key Features:

  • Soft Rubber Fingers: Provide a thorough massage and gentle grooming experience for your dog
  • Rubbery Texture: Effectively removes loose hairs and debris from your dog’s coat
  • Can Be Used Wet or Dry: Versatile tool that can be used on wet or dry fur
  • Suitable for All Coat Types: Ideal for short and smooth coats to help de-tangle, prevent knots, and reduce shedding

With the Ancol Ergo Massage Pad, you can easily groom and pamper your pup in the comfort of your own home. Regular use of this massage pad can help improve the overall health and appearance of your dog’s coat.


Q: Can this massage pad be used on all dog breeds?

A: Yes, the Ancol Ergo Massage Pad is suitable for dogs of all breeds and coat types.

Q: How often should I use the massage pad on my dog?

A: It is safe to use the massage pad as often as needed, but be sure to monitor your dog’s comfort level during grooming sessions.



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