The ANCOL Dog Shampoo Lavender 200ml is a luxurious grooming essential for your beloved furry friend. This lavender shampoo concentrate is specially formulated with pure lavender, essential oils, Aloe Vera, and wheat protein to provide a soothing and moisturising bathing experience for your dog.

Key Features:

  • Gentle on the skin, perfect for dogs and puppies
  • Concentrated formula for up to 20 washes per bottle
  • Soothing lavender scent
  • Enriched with Aloe Vera and wheat protein


  • Leaves the skin soothed and the coat clean
  • Fragrant and moisturised coat
  • Easy to use – simply dilute one part shampoo to 15 parts water
  • Ensures a luxurious bathing experience for your dog

Directions for use: Wet your dog’s coat and massage the diluted shampoo into the coat. Rinse thoroughly for a clean and fresh-smelling finish.


Is this shampoo suitable for all dog breeds?
Yes, the ANCOL Dog Shampoo Lavender is gentle enough for all dogs and puppies.

How many washes can I get out of one bottle?
With its concentrated formula, you can get up to 20 washes per 200ml bottle.

Transform bath time into a luxurious and relaxing experience for your canine companion with the ANCOL Dog Shampoo Lavender 200ml.

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