Tropical Mini Wafers Mix 90g


Tropical Mini Wafers Mix Is A Special, Complete Food In The Form Of Green And Red Sinking Wafers For Bottom Feeders In Multi-Species Tanks. The Green Wafers Are A Source Of Valuable Spirulina Algae And Fibre, While The Red Wafers Contain The Immune Stimulator BETA-1.3/1.6-GLUCAN And Astaxanthin. The Two Wafers Combined Provide A Varied Diet Rich In Nutrients, Vitamins And Trace Elements. As An Extra Benefit, The Wafers Do Not Disintegrate In Water And So There Is No Risk Of Clouding. Regular Feeding With Tropical Mini Wafers Mix Will Keep Fish In Excellent Condition, Reinforce Their Immune Systems, And Enhance Their Coloration. The Addition Of Zeolite Promotes A Healthy Digestive System And The Release Of Toxins From Fish?S Bodies. Tropical Mini Wafers Mix Is Also An Excellent Food For Freshwater And Marine Crustaceans As Astaxanthin Has A Beneficial Effect On The Moulting Process.